Only Hires fellow Scientologists and have a real problem in being fair in pay and in benefits if your not a friend of the owner. Works you overtime on a salary but refuses to pay any overtime and takes money away if you miss time. So why the salary.. so they can get you to work 12 hours a day and pay you for 8.

The rules vary based on who you are... if you are a large client they charge top dollar but for mom and pop shops they give away the farm if they like the product. Never pay full price... they don't have a price list, it is all based on what the sales representive decides they want to make off of you. Unethical and unfair business practices but who am i to say I only have to work there until i find another clerical job.. i hate my job and what i see everyday but with this economy i can't afford to be unemployed.

I just hate seeing the injustice for both employees and customers. Also the claim of the LEADS that the customer gets is TOTALLY FALSE you don't really get that many views they just put names on the list so you think your getting your moneys worth... just try calling some of the leads they will have NO IDEA who you are and will tell you they never looked at your product..

I promise it's true just pay someone to look up a bunch of names from tradeshows and put them on an excell spreadsheet and you will be getting more for your money.

They might have one of the scientologist weirdo's come looking for me after posting this but o well they think I am one, that's the only way i have kept my job there.

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If someone was a member of my church, I would see them there at Sunday service (or in my case synagogue on Friday night) and they would have a tough time "faking it". They would not be well enough versed to do something like that and it seems very deceitful to me.

So either this is a bogus review so you can attack a religion and this website is allowing slander, or you are attending their church and lying about being a member, which is really gross. Either way, I would not consider you a reliable resource.

Shame that this website allows this kind of review. I needed honest reviews for my client, not anti-religious banter.

New York, New York, United States #810351

They started sending me unsolicited email after trawling my site online, and will not stop spamming me no matter how many times I unsubscribe.

They do not pass the smell test.


Waste of money, effort, and time. Promised a service they didn't deliver on.

Have no idea how to create a website. DON'T SPEND THE MONEY!


Looks like further research is required. As a potential employee, I appreciate any verifiable information. Considering the trends and use of "Trade Only Design Library" (TODL), as a prosepective business association, all companies that offer these services will have standards that the worker will need to consider upon accepting any verbal, independent contract, or professional contract agreement.


As a former customer I have to agree with the original poster. No good leads, very expensive, horrid customer service. It sounds like this is a very dysfunctional company.


I wonder if the "employee" who wrote this is in the Unemployment line along with me? Probably not.

No matter - whoever wrote this is wrong. Period.

Any manufacturer with a product to offer to professionals in the Industry (the ones I qualified at least :-)) could not do better than list there. 'Nuff said.

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